Rhinitis is characterized by stuffy nose and may be an isolated illness (common cold) or may accompany influenza, influenza-like syndromes and allergy. The infectious forms are most commonly caused by viruses.

It causes sneezing, runny nose (rhinorrhea), a sensation of stuffy nose and irritation of the mucosa. An obstructed nose forces the patient to breathe through the mouth, creating irritation of the throat as well.

The continual dripping of mucus secretions toward the lower areas of the pharynx, associated with a dry sensation in the throat, triggers the need to cough. Discomfort is often greater at night and can disturb sleep.

The allergic form may be symptomatic only from time to time (intermittent form) or persistently (even for entire consecutive months of the year). Other forms of rhinitis are vasomotor rhinitis and NAR; that is, non-allergic rhinitis.

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