An inflamed, irritated nasal mucosa may benefit from substances which help it to defend itself against aggressors and permit it to quickly return to a normal healthy state.

The congestion and irritation of the mucosa typical of colds, allergic rhinitis, and acute and chronic sinusitis can be lessened by treatment with combinations of plant-based substances which protect the mucosa, reduce irritation, and favor regenerative processes.

In cases of viral and bacterial infections and contact with irritant substances or allergens, the mucosa is “attacked” and damaged. A useful therapeutic approach is to protect the mucosa from contact with the agents which can damage it.

This result may be achieved through use of plant-based molecular complexes, suitably extracted and processed and with the capacity to adhere to the mucosa and to form a protective film against irritant agents. In practice, by exerting a “barrier effect”.

Aboca Grintuss