Nasal vasoconstrictor medicinal products

One approach to treatment of nasal congestion is use of vasoconstrictors, commonly called “nasal decongestants.” Nasal decongestants act on the dilated blood vessels of the inflamed nasal mucosa to reduce their volume (vasoconstriction).
This action leads to reduction of congestion and to freer breathing, for a time. Their mechanism of action makes these products unsuitable for long-term use. In particular, patients with cardiovascular disorders (and especially hypertension) are advised to seek a physician’s advice whenever use of a nasal decongestant might seem to be indicated.
Vasoconstrictor products should not be used in children under 12 and should be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding only if prescribed by your physician.

Cortisone-based products

These products act to reduce inflammation by blocking both the mediators of inflammation and the increased activity of the immune system cells triggered by allergy.

These products must be prescribed by a physician. They are important remedies in case of allergic conditions.


These products contrast the action of histamine, one of the primary triggers of allergic reactions.
These are rapid-acting medicinal products useful for abating the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and are often used together with nasal sprays.

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